Hey! What's good?

I guess you are here like everyone else from class...

So, I'd like to welcome you to my page!

As you browse around you probably won't be amazed nor amused, which is quite alright but as school rolls on I will definitely be on top of assignments and fill it out accordingly...

I hope you had a great summer as mine was definitely quite the experience here out in St.Catharine's. Working at the winery all summer was such a blast, the amount of stuff I learned couldn't possibly be found in a book! With everything I learned all summer I am thinking of starting a wine club so look out for that at GBC this following semester.

To finish I bid my adieu to you all....I hope to see you all soon @ school

(I am very eager to move back in to the city!!!!)

Take care,


About Me...

Name: Ryszard Barszczewski
Age: 22
D.o.b: March 15,1986
Nationality: Polish
Citizen: Canadian
Religion: Catholic

Everything food related except for the actual cooking aspect. Restaurants, chefs, the channel, seasonal menus....EVERYTHING!

Slowly getting more and more interested in wine (huge supporter of Niagara wines) I know I love my Riesling and Pinot Noir (could it be due in part to working all summer at Cave Spring?) I am also finding it really easy to drink Bordeaux blends . I have a huge appreciation for these wines.

Music, mostly hip-hop and some vocal trance....(I am patiently waiting for the new Kanye West c.d.)

Macs, anything and everything to do with them

Siblings: 2 older sisters


Food & Beverage Management Diploma Program - graduated in '05
Hospitality Operations Management Degree Program - graduate in '08

Work Experience: [most recent first]

Treadwell: farm | to table | cuisine

Cave Spring Cellars
cellar hand, tasting bar attendant

Jump! Cafe & Bar
server assistant

Lynn Crawford

Lynn Crawford
Superstaf Chef Lynn Crawford at Cave Spring Cellars

September 6, 2007

What am i looking to gain?

As with any student: a passing mark (B+ @ the very least) but I would very much so like to learn the ins and outs of integrated e-marketing.

I want to gain the necessary information and learn how to utilize e-marketing @ my work place (when possible).


To gain valuable, usable work related experience.

Overall I am just looking to learn what will be applicable to my future career, most beneficial for me to learn and what I can at one point in time or another actually apply the different lessons and subjects while achieving the highest possible mark.

Favorite Type Of Wine